O’Neill Sea Odyssey is committed to offering free-of-charge programming to eligible 4-6th grade and special needs students. Each class that participates in our program is required to complete a Student Action Project (SAP) to earn their trip. We have identified five approved SAPs that teachers/group leaders can choose from. These projects are intended to build on the OSO curriculum and encourage students to take actionable steps toward protecting the coastal environment. Student action and community service are very important to us at OSO, and we are proud of the work that our students have accomplished over the years.

Suggested timeframe to complete SAP: 4-6 weeks after OSO trip
Student Action Projects should be completed by mid-June each year.

Please note: Future participation in the OSO program is contingent upon completing a SAP and submitting the required documentation to by the end of the academic year.

Suggested student action projects