“I can’t thank you enough for this year’s invitations to your virtual field trips (even the ones that were crazy for you). It has been amazing and inspiring. You have been a light to us.”

-Rosemary Elementary, 5th Grade Teacher, San Jose, CA

“This is my favorite field trip of all time, after teaching for 34 years! The 3 hours are packed with many learning opportunities. Many of our students have never seen the ocean and been on a boat and travel[ed] on the Pacific Ocean!”

-Santa Lucia Elementary, King City, CA

“Thank you for this experience for our students. They will remember this for their whole life.”

-Landmark Elementary, Watsonville, CA

“I was really impressed with how strong the educators were as teachers and positive management style. Excellent experience.”

-Bradley Elementary, Watsonville, CA

The staff is INCREDIBLE. It is so nice to attend a field trip led by teachers. They keep the students engaged, set expectations clearly, and teach complex ideas really well. Huge, huge props to the staff.”

-Boulder Creek Elementary, Boulder Creek, CA

“That was amazing! I learn something new every time I participate in this field trip. I think this is year 7 or 8 for me! My student’s minds were blown! We were able to use the microscopic connection with our chemistry lab today! This lab helped them understand how small microscopic is.  Thank you for your time, and I love your enthusiasm (I know you share the same thing all day), it truly makes the students excited too.”

-La Joya Elementary School, 5th Grade Teacher, Salinas, CA

Vision and Guiding Principles

O’Neill Sea Odyssey (OSO) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1996 by wetsuit innovator and surfer Jack O’Neill. OSO serves 4th through 6th-grade and special education students on board the Team O’Neill Catamaran and in the classroom at the Jack O’Neill and Harry Hind Education Center. The program is free of charge and each class completes a Student Action Project to contribute to the flourishing of their home watershed.

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