transportation SCHOLARSHIPS

Eligible schools are those that meet the 50% or greater “Socioeconomically Disadvantaged” subgroup on the California School Dashboard.


  • Apply for a transportation scholarship with your OSO field trip application. Find out more about the trip request process.
  • Arrangements for transportation to and from the OSO program will be the responsibility of the teacher or group leader.
  • Once your trip is booked, secure transportation ASAP! 
  • Every effort must be made to find the most affordable bus, such as a district bus, Michaels Transportation, First Student (ask for the 10% off OSO non-profit rate), or similar in order to help stretch our scholarship fund.
  • Buses must be billed to the school or organization. Do not bill OSO directly.
  • Scholarship checks must be made out to your school, district, or school transportation fund. Please provide payment instructions so that we make the check payable to the proper entity.
  • For fall trips, invoices must be received by the end of December. For spring trips, invoices must be received by the end of June. Late invoices will not be paid. 
  • Scholarship funds can only be released after your trip.
  • If you arrive at the OSO office with your transportation invoice on the day of your trip, we will issue your scholarship check within 1-2 weeks. 
  • Invoices can be sent to or uploaded into your dedicated Google folder.