Trip planning: What to bring

Manifest: On the day of your scheduled trip, please bring a hardcopy passenger list with the first and last names of each student, teacher, and chaperone.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is a must (even on overcast days!). Please apply before the program commences. 

Food & water: Please make sure your students have eaten and are well-hydrated. There is no snack or lunch break during our packed three hour program. Please plan on eating before or after your scheduled trip. There are a number of lunch spots at the Santa Cruz Harbor. Students can eat directly on Twin Lakes Beach or the public benches outside of Java Junction, El Palomar, or the Crow’s Nest Beach Market. Please avoid sitting at tables designated for patrons. 

Clothing: Please dress comfortably and bring a warm jacket, hat, and sunglasses (with a strap). It is usually cold on the ocean, even on sunny days, so be prepared and wear layers. Lifejackets are provided and required for all students.

Shoes: Please wear sneakers or other practical shoes. Soft-soled, non-skid shoes are required. Dress shoes, platforms, sandals, high heels or slick soled shoes are not allowed. They are unsafe and you will be asked to remove them. 

Backpacks: Students can bring backpacks, which we will stow away in our Education Center (or the bus) during the duration of their trip. We ask that students leave phones, cameras, and other loose items in their backpacks to avoid unnecessary distractions and potentially dropping these items into the Monterey Bay. We will be capturing student photos on the boat and uploading them into each school’s Google folder. If you are having trouble accessing this folder, please email