We would appreciate your comments on your Sea Odyssey experience. Please take a few minutes to complete this very important survey.

    Thinking about the children in the group, and what was presented to them today, how much do you think the children learned from the following?

    Learned a lot

    Learned somewhat

    Did not learn at all

    On the boat:


    1. Sailing & Navigation station: electronic technology and other tools for navigation.

    2. Ecology station: Sanctuary characteristics, marine life and habitats.

    3. Marine science station: life cycles, food station, balance that helps maintain life in the sea.

    In the classroom:


    4. Sailing & Navigation station: Latitude, longitude, and basic geometry as it relates to navigation.

    5. Ecology station: water cycle and watershed, ocean pollutants, solutions to pollution.

    6. Marine science station: plankton identification food web information.

    7. Follow-up and discussion regarding classroom experience.

    8. Overall learning experience.





    9. Were the presentations presented at an age-appropriate level?


    10. Did you visit the Sea Odyssey website before this trip?


    11. Did you use the teaching materials provided on the website before the trip?


    12. How did you use the web site Learning Center or teacher packet materials in the classroom before the trip?

    13. Please describe which materials were the most helpful in the classroom:





    14. Do you intend to use the online Learning Center or Teacher Packet materials in the classroom after the trip?


    15. Did the teaching materials enhance the children’s learning of topics?


    16. Do you have any suggestions for improving the teaching materials?

    17. Do you have any additional comments?

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this important survey.

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