Staff Spotlight – Marine Science Instructor & Deckhand – Anisa

O’Neill Sea Odyssey has a diverse and talented team of Marine Science Instructors. We have some new faces on our team, and today we are excited to introduce you to another member of OSO.

Join us in welcoming Anisa!

We are so grateful to have her join our crew as a Marine Science Instructor and Deckhand. At the O’Neill Sea Odyssey,  Anisa didn’t hesitate to dive into teaching students about the ocean. It has been awesome to see her explore ocean science and education with curious children and share her passion and love for the ocean and environmental science. Learn more about her in a full interview below!

Why do you feel environmental education is so important today? I feel that environmental education is important today because as we learn more about how our everyday actions directly affect the planet, we need to be teaching the next generation the lessons we’ve learned to ensure that we (humanity) don’t make the same environmental mistakes again. 

How did you become interested in ocean conservation? I’ve been drawn to the ocean since I was a child and kind of always knew I was going to build a life around marine science. I have core memories of going tidepooling as a kid and thinking, “this is IT for me”. The conservation part didn’t really begin until highschool when I took my first environmental science class- I quickly became an “eco-freak” and wanted to do everything I could to save the planet and educate others on why it’s important they do the same.

What do you enjoy most about working at OSO? My favorite thing about being with OSO is watching students have their light bulb moment when I’m teaching a lesson- I think that many students genuinely leave OSO feeling inspired to help better the planet in whichever ways they can.

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