Navigation: Time

Time is one of the most important measurements in navigation. Knowing the correct time, using a compass and a sextant is all anyone really needs to travel around the world and never get lost. Longitude cannot be determined without knowing the proper time. Sailors have known this for hundreds of years, and in the 1700s England offered large rewards to anyone who could invent an accurate watch for Naval use.

When we find our location on a chart, it is important to note the time, because this will allow us to determine things like speed, travel time, distance, etc.

The most important equation in navigation is: Velocity X Time = Distance (V x T = D)

If we know any two parts of this equation, then others can be calculated. Time is the easiest of these to figure, because all we have to do is look at our watch.



The circumference of the World is 24,900 statute miles.
V x T = D
V =10 mph and D = 24,900 miles, it would take 2,490 hours to travel around the world at 10 miles per hour. That is about 104 days!



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