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Reserve Your Trip

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As class applications are accepted, teachers will receive an email inviting them to reserve their OSO field trip.

When viewing the reservation calendar, available dates will have a grey radio button next to the available time noted on each date. To choose a time slot, simply click the dark grey button to select it. The button will turn green to show that you have successfully selected that time slot as your reserved trip date and time. Please note: you can only select one trip at a time.

When you are satisfied with your date and time selection, please click the Submit button at the bottom of the page and a confirmation email with pre trip information will be sent automatically to your email inbox.

If you find it necessary to change your date or time, use the cancellation link in your acceptance email to cancel your date. Please be aware of our Cancellation Policy included in this email.

Cancellation Policy: Each teacher is only allowed to reschedule once. To reschedule, use the cancellation link included in your acceptance email to cancel your date. Then, click the scheduling link included in your acceptance email again and choose another date. Classes may not be rescheduled more than once and trips cannot be cancelled online within a week of your scheduled date.

If you must cancel within a week of your date, please call the OSO office for further information.  Laura Walker, the OSO Program Manager, at the OSO office at 831-475-1561.


Thank you!