Welcome to O'Neill Sea Odyssey's Distance Learning

OSO has created a library of content for teachers, students, families, and community members to engage in learning about the ocean and how to protect it.

O Neill Sea Odyssey Earth Hour Challenge

Connect with nature, your family, and the moon and stars by participating in the Earth Hour Challenge. Set a time with your family/household to turn off all lights and screens for one hour each week or month. Unplug and watch the night sky and use this worksheet as a way to capture your observations.

Ephyra Scientific Illustration Challenge

Become a Scientific Illustrator! Submit your drawings to lwalker@oneillseaodyssey.org so that we can share your creations with our community.

Wendell Berry poetry

“The Peace of Wild Things”, by Wendell Berry. Enjoy an offering of ocean-themed poetry to soothe our souls; a meditation to help keep us connected to the ocean. 

Weekly Poetry Reading Mark Nepo

An untitled poem by Mark Nepo.

Ocean Themed Yoga - Boat pose

Take a break to breathe and move your body. In this segment we practice Navasana, or Boat Pose, to keep our cores strong and remind us of good times on the O’Neill Catamaran.

Ocean Themed Yoga - Heron pose

Take a break to breathe and move your body. In this segment, we practice Krounchasana, also known as Heron pose. Stretch your hamstrings and think of the Great Blue Herons nesting in the eucalyptus trees in the upper portion of the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor.

What is Sea Foam?

Learn about the chemical and physical processes that create the foam blanketing our beaches and the surface of the ocean on windy, high surf, and nutrient-rich days.

Backyard Biology - Gastropods

The snails and slugs in your backyard are terrestrial cousins of abalone, moon snails, turban snails and other mollusks that live in the Monterey Bay. Watch Meg’s backyard gastropod buddies eat a delicious grass smoothie.

Backyard Biology - Slender Salamander

Tiny legs, no lungs and they love logs! Remember, we’re all vertebrates.

Do Molas poop?

OSO answers student’s questions about the nature of life. This week, the diet and elimination habits of the Mola Mola, also known as a Sunfish.

Ocean Themed Yoga - Dolphin pose

Take a break to breathe and move your body. This week we practice Dolphin pose to stretch our shoulders, warm our bellies and remember our dolphin friends in the Monterey Bay. 

Germinating Seeds with Upcycled Materials

Squeeze some seeds out of a grocery store tomato and use old reused pots and vinegar jugs to make mini greenhouses to speed springtime germination.