Get a degree in Marine Biology

The following universities in California offer degrees in Marine Biology and other related subjects:

California Lutheran University [Biology Major focusing on research in marine biology] BA, BS
California State University, Long Beach BS, MS
California State University (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories) [Marine Science] MS
California State University Monterey Bay [Biology] BS, MS [Marine Science]
Humboldt State University [Fisheries Biology] BS, MS
San Diego State University – Ecology Program Area [Biology with emphasis in ecology and marine biology] BS
San Francisco State University [Biology: Marine Biology concentration] BS, MS
San Jose State University [Biology: Marine Biology concentration] BS
Sonoma State University BS, [MS Biology with concentrations such as Marine Ecology]
Stanford University/Hopkins Marine Station (undergraduate/graduate studies)
University of California Berkeley [Marine Science] BS, MA, PhD
University of California Los Angeles BS, MS,/PhD
University of California Santa Barbara [Aquatic Biology, Biology, Zoology, etc.] BA/BS, MA, PhD
University of California Santa Cruz BS
University of California San Diego/Scripps Institution of Oceanography, MS, PhD Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, PhD
University of San Diego [Marine Science], [Marine Science] MS
University of Southern California “Progressive” Masters in Marine and Environmental Biology, MS [Marine and Environmental Biology], PhD [Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography]

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