For Teachers

Welcome Teachers and Group leaders! Thank you for your interest in O’Neill Sea Odyssey. Here at OSO we are dedicated to giving your students a high quality introduction to marine science through our hands-on program aboard the O’Neill Catamaran. Below, please find information on how to get your students involved with OSO.

When can I apply?
Applications open each year on May 1st (or the subsequent Monday if May 1st falls on a weekend) for the upcoming school year. We ask that only teachers and group leaders fill out applications for the OSO trip. That way OSO’s staff has direct contact information for the person in charge of organizing the trip and can disseminate the pre-trip information to the appropriate party. We respectfully ask that parents not fill out applications for their child’s class or fill out applications for individual students.

Who is eligible?
Those eligible are groups of 20-35, 4-6th grade students from schools, home schools, summer camps, Boy and Girl Scout troupes, Jr. Lifeguards, community centers or any organized group within our age range.

OSO also welcomes special education groups. The OSO program for special needs students is tailored to each class according to guidance from the teacher. Special Education classes must be no more than 12 students and must have a 1-1 ratio of chaperones and students.

How will I know if my class is accepted?
If your class is accepted to the O’Neill Sea Odyssey program, you will be contacted by the Program Manager via e-mail to schedule your trip.

What is the selection process?
O’Neill Sea Odyssey (OSO) has the capacity to serve up to 220 classes per year. OSO, a non-profit organization, relies on generous donations by individuals, corporations, grants made by foundations and government contracts to offer the program at no cost. Funding is limited; therefore the number of groups that may be accepted is also limited.

Most of our funding sources are tied to specific requirements. Applying to the OSO program in no way guarantees that there will be funding available for your group. Applications not accepted to the program may be placed on a wait list: placement on the wait list does not guarantee acceptance to the program.

O’Neill Sea Odyssey does not accept payment for classes. Providing our program for free is an important part of our mission.
To make the application process as fair as possible nobody is ever charged for participation.

Applications are reviewed and accepted based on the following:

More About Planning Your Trip

Getting Here

The OSO catamaran is docked in the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor and our shore-side education center is just a few steps away on Harbor Beach, right next door to the Crow's Nest Restaurant.

Important Safety Info

Important FAQs and tips to get your students prepared for their day on the bay!

OSO Program Curriculum

OSO emphasizes hands-on learning and experiential education with a focus on marine biology, marine ecology and navigation.

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Apply for the Program

Applications for the OSO program start every year on May 1st for the upcoming school year.