Application Process FAQ

1. Who can apply?

Applications open each year on May 1st (or the subsequent Monday if May 1st falls on a weekend) for the upcoming school year. We ask that only teachers and group leaders fill out applications for the OSO trip. That way OSO’s staff has direct contact information for the person in charge of organizing the trip and can disseminate the pre-trip information to the appropriate party.

We respectfully ask that parents not fill out applications for their child’s class or fill out applications for individual students. Those eligible are groups of 20-35, 4-6th grade students from schools, summer camps, Boy and Girl Scout troupes, Jr. Lifeguards, community centers or any organized group within our age range.

2. I don’t teach 4-6th grade. Can I apply?

Sorry, OSO only accepts 4-6th grades, with the exception of special education classes with severely disabled students.

3. I am a parent with a home school group. Can I apply?

Home school groups are eligible for OSO if they have a group of 20-35, 4-6th grade students. Please designate one primary coordinator to apply for the group who will be a point of contact for our staff. Groups of less than 20 students are not eligible, nor are groups with age ranges outside of our 4-6th grade limits.

4. I teach Special Education. Can I apply?

Yes! O’Neill Sea Odyssey has a specially adapted program for special needs students. Don’t forget to note that your class is a Special Ed class when you apply, so that we may tailor the class to your student’s needs. Generous donors, Tom and Judy Webster have created The Adam Webster Fund, which sponsors students with special needs to participate in the OSO program. The special needs OSO program is tailored to each class according to guidance from the teacher. Special Education classes must be no more than 12 students and must have a 1-1 ratio of chaperones and students.

5. What address should I put on my application?

Please use your school or group address with the proper district, and county noted. We are able to provide our program for free through grants and sponsorships. Funding is often tied to a specific geographic location. Therefore, giving us the accurate address of your group can determine our ability to serve your class.

6. How will I know if I am accepted?

If your class is accepted to the O’Neill Sea Odyssey program, you will be contacted by the Education Coordinator via e-mail to schedule your trip.

7. If I’m not accepted to the program can my class pay to participate?

O’Neill Sea Odyssey does not accept payment for classes. Providing our program for free is an important part of our mission. To make the application process as fair as possible we process applications in the order that they are received and nobody is ever charged for participation.

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