Aboard Catamaran

3 Station Educational Format – 3 groups, 15 minute stations

Station 1 – Sailing and Navigation
Learn about electronic technology for navigation, triangulation, line-of-sight, use of magnetic hand-held compasses, and other elements of navigation. Students use hand-held compasses to take 3 bearings on local landmarks. This information is recorded on a datasheet along with readings of wind speed, weather and depth as it relates to oceanic charts.
Station 2 – Ecology
Learn information about the Monterey Bay Sanctuary’s characteristics and marine life and habitats. Discussion includes the kelp forest, marine mammals, human influence on our marine habitat and related ecosystems, threats to the bay, and ideas for conservation and preservation. Visual aids are used to emphasize concepts. A water sample is taken to learn about pH. Students count the number of otters spotted during the trip and record this information on their data sheet.
Station 3 – Marine Biology
Discussion includes the life cycles of plankton, their role in the food web and the unique chemical and physical balance that helps maintain life in the sea. Students participate in a plankton tow and the specimen is taken back to the classroom for further examination. After returning from their outing on the Catamaran, students move to the shore side Education Center to continue their research.

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