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OSO Staff Spotlight – Captain Darci Shea

Darci Shea joined the O’Neill Sea Odyssey team this fall as one of our relief Captains. Darci is a lifelong sailor and artist. For our November Staff Spotlight, we asked Darci a little bit about herself to share with our OSO community. Continue reading to reading to learn more about Darci!

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Interview with O'Neill Sea Odyssey Captian - Darci Shea

What made you decide to become a captain? I became a captain because I love the ocean and I love sharing my passion for the ocean with people. There is nothing better than seeing someone’s eyes light up when they are on the water for the first time.

What challenges or opportunities come with being a captain? I have had the opportunity to teach people sailing from all ages and walks of life, worked with research teams tagging whales, educated the public about wildlife conservation through whale watching, traveled to different regions and countries, and have met some of the most inspiring people. The challenges I have faced as a captain have been witnessing the amount of pollutions, plastics and garbage in the ocean first hand. When I see garbage in the ocean, such as a mylar balloon I retrieve it and use it as a teaching tool to communicate the dangers of single use plastics on our ecosystem.

What advice do you have for others (particularly young women) who aspire to follow in your footsteps? My advice for others who aspire to follow in my footsteps, become a crew member on a boat, find opportunities to teach on the water, take every opportunity you are offered, pursue those you are not, check your ego, trust your instincts, educate yourself, don’t take no for an answer, and most importantly, have fun.