O’Neill Sea Odyssey News

Another Year of Effective Stewardship Education

Applied Survey Research has just released its analysis of student surveys done of the 5,349 students O’Neill Sea Odyssey served over 208 school classes between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. “The Student Survey showed that the OSO program was effective in promoting substantial increases in students’ environmental awareness,” the report says. “Before participating in the OSO program, an average of 70% of students agreed with the survey questions overall. After attending the program, this percentage increased to 94%.”

As in past years, OSO has been a great equalizer between lower and higher income groups. “When student surveys were divided by income level, results showed that all groups of students increased their environmental knowledge after attending the program. The students from lower (68%) and middle (73%) income groups generally had very slightly lower overall levels of agreement before the program started than the higher (73%) income groups but all income groups agreed at between 92% and 94% by the end of the program.”

Dan Haifley